Private Labeling Program

Evans Marketing Group, Inc. is the manufacturer and owner of DualPolymer Car Care products.  We started our Private Labeling and Custom Blending Division in 2002.  We can private label our existing products or create a custom emulsion or coating to your specifications.  After we have finalized your product we offer a variety of options to take your product to market.

• Website development

• E-commerce online store development

• Marketing tools production

• SDS certification

• Video production

• Social Media Platform creation

• Customer Service

• Order Fulfillment

We have approx. five Private Label Partners (PLP) in North America and over twenty internationally.  In 2018 we processed over 24,000 orders for our PLP's, handled customer service and fulfillment for most of them.

Our total focus is your success at whatever level you need us to participate.

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Evans Marketing Group, Inc.

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