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Individual Distributorship & Programs

Here's our system...

Simplicity is the key to success!


You have the ability to purchase product at your specific wholesale discount level.

• ELITE Distributorship 50% off for life

You can then sell your product at full retail in person to maximize your profitability.


We also allow you to forward customers to to purchase product directly from us and we pay you a Retail Commission.

• ELITE Distributorship 50% profit

Build a Team of Distributors and Get Paid


Yes, you can also be paid by referring others to become distributors as well.

Anyone that is an Elite Distributor that is enrolled because of you will generate a

20% commission from all of their purchases  (based on wholesale).

You will also be paid a commission for enrolling them.

• Enroll an Elite and it pays you $40

Click the pdf below for the details of pour program.

flip chart 2019.jpg

And you have access to exceptional marketing tools... tents, business cards, brochures, apparel, banners and signage and more!

How does it work?

You create sales in person or drive customers to our website to purchase.  When a customer makes a purchase at they have to enter how they found our product.   They can enter your name, email or user name we assign to you.  This is one way to tie the sale to you.

Here is another way to tie the sale to you.  We issue you a 20% off marketing code you can share with others.

When they enter your code in the order it is tied to you.  There will be a full commission report in with your commission check.  We cut checks every Friday at midnight and mailed every Monday. 

It's like getting an extra pay check!

The more you show our products... the more demos you do... the more money you make!

We really do hope you will become one of the DualPolymer family!

It's Easy to Start, Just Purchase the Distributor Kit below and you will receive an email in a few hours with access to your distributor store.

Kit Includes...

• EIGHT 32oz DualPolymer Waterless Units

• 250 Business Cards with your information imprinted

• 50 Product Brochures with your information printed on them

• A 20% off marketing code you can share with others

$199.95   Retail Potential $265